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Save The Scene NYC

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Save the Scene NYC is a digital livestream benefit concert organized by New York band Pan Arcadia in partnership with the non-profit Sweet Relief; which for nearly three decades has helped musicians and performance crews cope with medical expenses.

COVID-19 has killed some of our most beloved artists, strapped thousands of other performers with hospital bills, and robbed many more of their livelihoods. Club closings and concert cancellations have left the indie music industry struggling to make ends meet. Sweet Relief provides urgent assistance to musicians, as well as tech and support staff. Donations to Save the Scene help pay for medical care, lodging, clothing, food and other essential living expenses stemming from the pandemic.

In 1993 Lou Reed performed at the first Sweet Relief fundraiser. To mark the anniversary of Lou's birthday on March 2nd, more than 35 local artists are rallying to support their fellow performers and celebrate the vibrancy of New York independent music.



Virtual show, Torino, Italy

Lorenzo Mohr's virtual performance at NYU's Strawberry Stream 2020. 8AM (American time)/2PM (Italian Time). Link for access:


Lorenzo Mohr

The VYNL, 100 3rd Avenue, New York City

Come join us at The VNYL to discover new music and grab a drink with your friends. Sit back, and enjoy a night of quality music.